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Two exciting nougat flavours:
Honey Almond;
Honey Almond with Cranberries.

you order – we make – we deliver – you enjoy
gluten free - dairy free - cholesterol free - preservative free - fat free

Kalley Kandy does not maintain any inventory. Our nougat is freshly made for each order.

To ensure the highest quality of taste and texture the nougat is produced in small batches, then lovingly hand cut and wrapped. It typically takes three days for the batches to be made, to set overnight, and then be cut, wrapped, packaged and prepared for delivery.

Due to Covid-19 Kalley Kandy will not be attending any holiday fairs.

In the BC Lower Mainland we provide free safe delivery for orders over $25.
For all other regions we ship using Small Business Discount Rates.

We are now taking orders for Xmas and you can request a delivery date at checkout. Your nougat will be freshly made just before it is delivered or shipped.