About Us


Do you remember the taste of Callard & Bowser Dessert Nougat and wish that you could still buy it?? 

Sadly, the Callard & Bowser factory in England closed down many years ago, but the memory of that delectable nougat, studded with almonds and jellies, still lives on for those lucky enough to have savoured it.

Happily there is now Kalley Kandy Honey Almond Nougat to fill the void left by Callard & Bower Dessert Nougat.  Made from an original recipe since 2005, and sold at local Farmer’s Markets in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, the response to Kalley Kandy Honey Almond Nougat has been amazing - garnering a “cult like” following of discerning confectionery gourmands, that continues to grow with time.

Kalley Kandy Honey Almond Nougat is always made from the finest all natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives, in the traditional way – in small batches completely by hand.

Kalley Kandy Honey Almond Nougat is gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, gelatin-free, cholesterol-free, with no added fat, colouring or additives.

                                                      Mel and Ivan Kalley




  1.  A person who makes a high quality distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand, using traditional methods.
  2.  A person who practices a craft or trade and may through experience and aptitude reach the
    expressive levels of an artist.
We are a small, family owned company which constantly strives to meet the spirit and quality of true artisanship.  We are passionate about honouring traditional methods.  We are committed to utilizing only the finest pure, premium, natural ingredients. We hand-make every piece of Kalley Kandy Honey Almond Nougat, from start to finish.

    You will know the difference with your first taste!